4/25/12 -- Well I neglected my page for a while. Hopefully I can keep up on it this time, while business is relatively slow at work. Here's hoping.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Skyrim DLC and Six

     Ok, going full-on nerd on you today. So, recently, I've been seeing rumors of Skyrim's dlc coming relatively soon, as in a week or two. Evidently, with the new patch that's been released, some files in it are throwing up red flags to the people paying attention, alluding to interactions with at least one snow elf. Which if you're not sure what snow elves are, they are usually referred to on the loading screen whenever you enter a building/city or fast travel or anything that makes this screen comes up:

     That little screenshot there tells a very quick summary of who the Snow Elves are and how they relate to the Falmer. Well, in fact, they ARE Falmer, having been drove underground by the Nords and became evil and sightless creatures. Evidently, the Snow Elves aren't entirely extinct, as we are piecing together from these patch files. One of them is even titled "Snow Elf Prince Dialogue". Yeah. The Prince of the Snow Elves. Verrry interesting...
     One other little tidbit of information in the patch files hints at a new weapon explorers can use: the crossbow. It should be interesting to see how it functions, and how powerful it may or may not be. For the rangers (like myself) it may prove to be quite an asset.
     No specific details yet as to when this patch will be released, but word is expected as soon as this coming week. So, it should be relatively soon. Here's hoping.

Now for the SOTD, because it just wouldn't be a day without it.

Hmmm... I just don't know what to choose... Ahh, time for something a little heavy, ppl. This, my friends, is one of my favorite bands, and they definitely know how to rock your face off. This, is All That Remains with probably one of my favorite songs by them: Six. I first heard this song on GH2, but have since obtained all their albums and truly enjoy listening to all the cds. Six is not just mindless screaming and smashing drums and flailing guitars. It's loud, yes, it's very intense, but its also very technical. The lyrics are also very deep. Here's the video for you guys, it even has lyrics so you can understand it all. Enjoy!

*~*Note*~* There is evidently much confusion on what the lyrics actually say in this song, but according to the pamphlet that came with the cd, its "the anger writhes in my soul," not "burns". Just wanted to throw that out there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living Things and SOTD

     Ok, in keeping with my goal to keep up on this, I'm gonna do some music news today, specifically, a bit that I've been keeping my eye on for a while. This band has come a long way. They debuted their first album in 2000, and they got instant radio success and started selling out concerts worldwide. Their first album was also  certified Diamond in 2005 by the RIAA and multi-platinum across the rest of the world. They've been consistently putting out new albums every 2 years or so, each time tweaking their music a bit, their 4th studio album being the most radically different from all the others. Winning a total of 41 music awards, Linkin Park has been subject of much debate amongst fans and haters alike. Their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora were arguably two of their best albums, and featured the nu-metal, rap metal, and alt. metal genres. Their third album (not counting Reanimation or Collision Course), Minutes to Midnight, explored other genres, while keeping just enough rap metal and nu-metal to keep their fan base happy. Their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns was probably the most controversial to the fans, many people complaining that there wasn't any guitar or "real" instruments in any of the songs, and most of the lyrics dealt mostly with political issues.
      If you haven't yet guess where this is going, or haven't heard the news, Linkin Park is close to putting out their 5th studio album, Living Things. In an interview, lead singer Chester Bennington said that they were returning to familiar ground in this album and were quoted as saying "with this album, we've incorporated a lot of guitar work with big choruses and the heavier electronic stuff to give it that really big wall of sound feeling without getting too metal. This will be more familiar to people than 'A Thousand Suns' was, where we were like 'Fuck it, we're just going to go bonkers.'" So that should give some fans some hope. I know I'm kind of excited. They're also trying to avoid writing political lyrics, saying that they are writing a lot about relationships. Release date for Living Things is slated for June 26, just over a month away. I'm not really worried about it selling out, so I won't pre-order it, I think if it becomes popular, it will after its gotten more word of mouth around. I know I'll pick it up and share my thoughts of it with you, my sparse crew of readers. Mostly, cuz writing is a good outlet.
     So, in keeping with this post's theme, the SOTD will be a song by Linkin Park. Only, it won't be anything off of any of their previous albums. That's right, like it or not, the song of the day is Burn It Down, their recent single and a track off the new album, Living Things. Enjoy, cuz its really not too bad.

Monday, April 23, 2012

All Consuming Thought And Explode

      So, it's been a while since I've last posted, and a lot has gone on in that time. Many things video game/ music/general nerdness-related have all happened, but there's really only one thing on my mind tonight. If anyone's really been reading any of this, and for the very few people/person who know me on the outside world, you know I work in the restaurant business (heck, if you even read my s/n you prolly figured I work in a restaurant.) But I've been with this (rather large) company for almost 3 years now. I've learned just about everything there is to know about it, and I've moved up the ranks. I'm now sitting (sort of uncomfortably) at Assistant Culinary Manager, which in and of itself is a made-up title, but I can use it on my resume, so do with that what you will. But what is real is the fact that I can be held responsible for the kitchen at any given time, and am expected to perform my boss's duties when they are not there. Which is all well and good, but the pay I'm making is only slightly high for a cook. I'm not greedy, but I have expenses just like everyone else, and I'm living paycheck to paycheck.

I'm sick of it.

     The job is, to say the least, a very high stress position, and when you add in the fact that labor cost sees me as a cook and not a manager, they can only schedule me by myself. Mind you, my superior is paid over double what I make, and the only things she does that I'm not expected to do are the food order and the schedule (which I am expected to do when she's unavailable e.g. vacation). Also, she never steps on the line to cook. I have a problem with the leader of the kitchen not being a strong cook, to assist when needed. But, I digress, this is all just background. In short, I'm a strong worker, and more days than not, feel like I'm the only thing holding the place together. That being said, our district manager offered me a position as a culinary manager...


Manager of my own kitchen....

(cue heavenly chorus)

Do you know how long I've waited for this opportunity to arise?!? Over three years. So, here's the details:

1) I get all the previous responsibilities dumped on me in full, added to the task of rebuilding this kitchen (cuz it has apparently fallen to crap)
2) My pay will double, jumping to appr. $30k/yr. Financial security = assured.
3) I will have a 1.5hr commute to work one way. Home life goes way down as I put in 50-60+ hrs a week at the job then spend another 15-18 hrs/week just driving. 
4) Job is in a crappy part of town, overall not a good area, higher crime, etc. 
5) I'm only going to be in this area for maybe another year to year and a half, if I don't get shot in a drive-by or something while I'm out there (kidding...)

So, there is my internal debate laid out. I feel like I'm closer to a decision now that I laid all the points out to where I can see them. I feel like the cons outweigh the pros, but that pro is very hefty. So anyway, there's that.

Now, for the SOTD!!! (yaaayyyyy! I know, you missed it, right? >.< )

Well, for those of you who remember the post that featured Dead On Arrival by Fall Out Boy will remember that there was also a song on there from Patrick Stump called This City ft. Lupe Fiasco. Well, Pat's solo album has been out for a little while now, and I wanted to share one of the songs off of it. It's a pretty decent album imo, with elements of Fall Out Boy mixed in with his own style. The album is called Soul Punk and is aptly named. I don't regret buying this album in the slightest, and I'll keep jammin to it until I get sick of it, which isn't likely. So, without further ado, I present Explode, by Patrick Stump, enjoy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Promised Goldeneye Review And Prolly Nothin Else

     Alllrighty then... Lemme get comfortable here, turn on some tunes... feed the starving beasts...grab a Dew, and let's get this thing started. So. The Review. Well, I must say, it'll be interesting, and I'll try to treat it as an independent game as much as possible, but the fact is, it's a remake of one of the most popular old school games of all time. No one can deny that Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is a classic and was a fantastic game for its time and frankly, I'd sometimes rather go back and play old 007 than some of our next gen games. One thing that Goldeneye 64 has that many games do not have is extreme replay value. Once you finish the easy difficulty, then there's Agent with added difficulty and added objectives and then 00 Agent with even more difficulty and objectives. The remake has this too, though I don't know about the replay value. The storyline for 64 was pretty engaging, even though there were no voice actors for that game. The music was also a large component for 64. Everyone remembers the iconical James Bond theme from 64. So the Wii remake has its work cut out for it.  So, down to brass tacks.
     First, I will do some comparisons, visually that is. And now the image dump I spend some time getting together and splicing together using my "mad" mspaint skillz.  If you can't see it, "mad" is dripping with sarcasm. All these images following should be pretty obvious which is from the 64 and which is from the Wii. And if it's not obvious to you, get out now.

First up, is the box art. (Note: All images can be expanded with a click)

     Well, the 64 art work features what us boys loved at that time and what many boys and men love nowadays. Guns, explosions, action, and sexy women. This art promises action, adventure, and screams "SPY STUFF!" The Wii version's box art is much more simplistic; the shiny gold contrasting with the grey and black background makes for a sleek image and being inside the barrel of the pistol makes us feel like we're gonna shoot up some bad guys. A lot.  Make your judgments here.   Next Slide.

Next, let's compare the Bonds.

      Now here's where we start talking graphics. Obviously, the Wii has superior graphics capabilities to the 64. Things don't look so blocky and shading on everything looks much nicer in today's day and age. But that's too be expected. Also take note, The Wii's Bond is played (and voice acted) by Daniel Craig, and the 64 is modeled after Pierce Brosnan. Imo, both Brosnan and Craig do Bond pretty well, but if you read my earlier post about Goldeneye, you'll know I favor Sean Connery. Alas, he's no longer Bond and I've accepted that.  Next.

Well, let's continue with character comparison with Natalya Simonova:

     As you can see, they tried to sexy up Natalya a bit. And I think they did fairly well. She's clearly not wearing a bra in the Wii's version. There's only so much sexy you can have with the pixels of the 64's day. And this comparison does more to show the difference in graphics, not only in character models, but scenery as well. 

More graphics comparison...

     Now, everyone should recognize this series of pictures. This is obviously the very first level players will experience in both games. Note the similarities and differences. Textures are much richer in the Wii version and they also darkened the mood a bit compared to the 64's bright daylight scenario. The first few levels are modeled very closely to the 64's level layouts, but then they start bringing us out of that mold, and really change up not only scenery but even storyline to a certain extent. Basic plot is the same, but players will note many changes and similarities.

And the last one:

     This image is here to simply showcase another change. The health system was revamped completely. No longer do players have a certain amount of hits they can take before they are killed. Its been changed now to resemble many next gen fps's in that as the player takes damage, their screen turns a progressively darker red until they either die, or take cover to recover from their wounds. I find no issue with either health bar system, its just a different way to make players think about their next move. This also shows yet another graphics display.
     Ok, now that the pics are mostly out there, time for the rest of it. I found Goldeneye to be a relatively good game. They took the same great game and storyline and updated not only the graphics and gameplay, but other features as well. No more can you equip Bond with as many weapons as there are on the map, cycling through dozens of weapons. Now you can carry three. It also updates technology in game to match some of todays gadgets. Bond is now equipped with a smartphone he can use to hack into turrets and computers and door locks, etc. See pic. (mwahaa, I has another one!)

     They've also implemented a new melee system. No longer do you have to switch to your hand as a weapon. Simply approach the enemy, give the nunchuck a little waggle or whatever and you can either silently or very obviously take out your enemy in one fell swoop. The trick is getting in close to do it. More often than not, players will have Bond sneaking through levels, avoiding cameras and sneaking up and stealth killing guards. But, for the players that don't like this route, there aren't any levels that I remember that forced you to not get caught sneaking around. You always have the option for a full-on frontal assault, one man versus the entire army. And thank God, there was only one level where you had to protect someone, namely Natalya. And yes, its where she's trying to deactivate the Goldeneye satellite, to make matters worse, if you don't kill everyone in the allotted time in that stage, the satellite fries you all anyway. That was frustrating, even on the easy difficulty. 
      With the next gen upgrade, players are no longer forced to read the dialogue between characters. (How dare they make us read?!? The nerve!) Now, everyone is completely voiced by real live voice actors and Bond is played by Daniel Craig and not some impersonator. Speaking of more additions, they also included a grenade locator I guess is the appropriate word. When an enemy throws a grenade at you, a little icon comes up to let you know where it is. Useful, if unrealistic. But who needs/wants realism? Also, cover can be destroyed. If you are behind a wooden crate, bullets will reduce it to splinters. If you're behind a metal panel, bullets dent in then break through eventually, making it difficult for players to camp in a single spot with an entire army gunning for them. I didn't come across any glitches that I remember, like being partly in a wall, or character's weapons sticking through cover or doors, or if I shot a characters weapon, they would react, but not take much if any damage. Music was also changed. It's now some sleek spy-esque music that is pretty low and stays in the background. I don't actively recall a single bit of music from that soundtrack and that disturbs me. I'm a music person, and in games, the soundtrack can be just as engaging as the gameplay itself. So there's a negative point. I didn't delve into the multiplayer aspect too much, so I can't give an accurate rating in that respect. But on a lighter note, not everything was just blasting away at everything. Yes, you could go guns blazing if you wanted, but if you paid attention, there were alternative ways to get around. Air ducts that you could crawl through to take out a baddy, or fire extinguishers or other explosive canisters you could shoot to take out multiple enemies. In addition, boss fights we're strictly "blast 'em till they're dead".  Most "bosses" had some shooting, then a hand-to-hand combat scenario that sort of reminded me of God of War or Prince of Persia where you had to press certain buttons to defeat your enemy. And it wasn't just one or two presses. Some of them were half a dozen hits or more. Pretty engaging.
     But overall, to wrap this up, this was a decent game for me.  Anyone who was a diehard fan of the 64 version will notice differences and may or may not be happy with them. When I put my rating out there, this is just my opinion. I'll break it down and then give an overall rating. Ok? K, here we go:
  • Graphics: 8/10 - Not bad, but not great. I'm anxious for the 360 and ps3's HD remake to come out and put these graphics to shame, but they're good coming from the Wii.
  • Music: 4/10 - Did not care for it at all. Nothing memorable, its all just background noise, but at least it sounded like something from a spy movie/game.
  • Gameplay: 9/10 - Controls were easy to adapt to, nothing overly weird using the nunchuck or wii-mote. No glitches that I found, but I'm sure they're around. Weapon switching was easy to use also, and you didn't have to cycle through dozens to find the gun you want.
  • Storyline: 8/10 - Pretty engaging at times, and when fighting some bosses I couldn't help but let fly certain words when I blocked an attack and countered with one of my own in a hand-to-hand moment. And nothing too unrealistic in the spy gadgets department. No lasers coming out of a watch, etc. 
  • Overall: 7.5/10 - Not a bad game. Graphics looked very nice coming from the Wii. Gameplay was nice and not too repetitive. Enemies were quick to pick up when something was fishy or if they heard you walking around if you weren't crouched. Levels all featured multiple ways to get through while still keeping you on course through the level; it was pretty hard to get lost in most levels. Overall, I'm glad I played it. Though I haven't had the urge to replay it once yet, so that's a little disappointing. 
Well, now that that's finished, let's move on to the segment you all know and love:

The SotD!!
     In keeping with the Goldeneye theme, I gotta play this one. This is the theme I always think of when I remember Goldeneye 64. I always smile when I hear it. So, enjoy and revel in the good ole days. 

*~* Also, don't forget to let me know how the review was. This was my first one and if you liked the way I presented it, I can do more in the future! Thanks! *~*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Restaurant Etiquette and SotD

     Ok, so here's another little rant of mine, and I promise to keep it rather short. Have you ever gone to restaurant, more specifically a sit-down place and gone, "What time do you close?"  "10 o'clock."  "Oh good, we still have 15 minutes left."  Seriously? Don't do this. Amongst other things, here is a short rant of how to behave in a public eating establishment.
     Pro Tip: If you have a bad attitude coming in, you are already determined to not have a good experience. Don't sit there and argue with your significant other/children/parents/person on the phone for the world to hear. It embarrasses the people sitting around you for accidentally eavesdropping on everything, it makes you look foolish, and it makes you the laughingstock of the kitchen. You think the servers don't tell the cooks about you arguing with hubby about why the babysitter was naked that day? 
     Pro Tip #2: Tip. No that wasn't a typo. Don't be a jerk. Do you realize how much servers make? Minimum wage is $2.70/hr for tipped employees in Michigan. The Federal minimum wage is $2.13. So that means in any given state, you could be giving the shaft to someone who's only making $2.13 to take care of you, your friend, your screaming kid, and your ancient great great grandmother who can't eat any seasoning, salt, gluten, fat, sugar, or dairy products. So, to be a nice person, tip % starts at the LEAST 15%. Most ppl start at between 18-20% and work their way up or down based on the quality of service. Oh, and before you think I'm an enraged server, I'm not, nor have I ever been a server. I can't stand working with the people who are so needy and whiny and I can't have this, or this, can you do this instead? Or I don't want this and this on my _______, can I get ______ instead?  No. The answer is no. And that's why I don't serve. Also, if you feel like your food was very exceptional, don't be afraid to throw the cooks a few bucks or even just a compliment. Its as easy as telling your server, my food was delicious please give this to the cooks or please tell the cooks I loved it. Most cooks appreciate knowing their hard work didn't just get shoved down your throat without being tasted.  
    Pro Tip #3: As stated in the intro, do NOT come into a restaurant with anything less than a half an hour left. Especially if you have a group of 4 or more, don't even come in with an hour left. Why? Look at it like this: If we are scheduled to close, we are looking to get out of work AT close. We realize its unrealistic, but that's the goal anyway. By 8, we are already trying to clean up for the night. By 9 we don't expect any more orders but two or three isn't going to set back our close any. And by 9:45 we are almost done, we have the grill cleaned off, the fryers filtered and scrubbed, cutting boards cleaned and back in place, steam wells broken down and iced, and most everything is wrapped and put away. 
                                            Then you walk in. 
     Guess who just single-handedly pissed off 2 cooks, a dishwasher, a manager, a server, and a bartender (at the least)?  You did. All because you want what? A burger and fries? Cheese sticks? Seriously? Go to either A.) A bar that is open late, because most of them serve burgers and fries and cheesticks and other sandwiches and whatnot; or B.) Fast food. McDonald's, Burger King, I Don't Care. Most fast food joints are open at 10 o'clock nowadays and you're going to get the same service and quality of food from us that late at night as you are there. Not that I'm knocking fast food's quality, I eat there all the time, I'm just saying you're pretty much gonna get the same food, and are paying twice as much for it.  
                                Here, lemme break it down for you.
      If you and so and so come in with 15 min left, you're gonna sit down and order your drinks, they come back, its now 9:50. If, with any luck, you know what you want, you order, it gets back to us by oh, 9:53. Average cook time is between 7 and 10 min, higher or lower depending on difficulty of item or if you want specifics added and/or taken off of it. In any case, its after 10 when you GET your food (closing time). Then you dick around and eat for 15 min, while everyone back of house is frantically cleaning up everything you've dirtied up. Your server is trying their hardest not to just tell you to leave already when they bring you the check, and then you decide, "Oh, I want a dessert." Did you notice that the server didn't ASK if you wanted one? Its because they don't care what you want at this point. They want to get home. Be with THEIR family/friends/animal/video game console/whatever. But anyway, now its 10:25 and the cooks see that dessert ring in, and they are all but ready to walk out to you, knife in hand, and escort you out of the establishment. 10:28 and your dessert arrives, looking more like an explosion of ice cream and chocolate with strawberry blood than the chocolate lava cake you saw in the picture. You FINALLY leave at 10:30 to the sounds of the doors locking shut behind you and lights clicking off.  Server looks at your tip. 10%? Really? on a $30 meal, you leave 3 bucks? You've now become the lowest of the low. And the next time you walk in to that restaurant, servers will fight to NOT serve you. Happy now? 

    So, I didn't keep it short. But I enjoyed it. If you read this far, I hope it enlightened you a little bit, and if not, then keep bein the jerk that you're determined to be; I can't change you if you don't want to be changed. But, onto a much better topic...

Song of the Day!!!
     I'll make this short and sweet since the rest of the post wasn't and because I have to leave for work in 3 minutes. Today's song comes from Metallica and is called Master of Puppets. Anyone who knows Metallica should know this song, and anyone who's played the Rock Band titles should know this song, and anyone who's played Guitar Hero Metallica should know this song. So, to make a long story short, there should be thousands of ppl who know this and this won't be anything new, but it came on my playlist twice in a row by two different artists, so I figured it was a sign. And as an added bonus, I'll put up both versions. Enjoy!

    First, is from Metallica, and is just song and lyrics, not official video.

Next, is from David Garrett and is a live show from Berlin. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Harry Potter and Another Short Post.

     Hey all, sorry its been a while, but I've been pretty busy lately, but I'll try to make up for it over the next few days. To start with, how many of you like the Harry Potter series? If you don't stop reading now and just skip to the song of the day. But if you do, by all means, read on.
      I picked up the first book when it first came out, intrigued by the premise, and after reading the whole thing cover to cover in a matter of days, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the next book. Soon, it became an obsession to read all of them. And I pretty much had a nerdgasm when the movie came out. And while they weren't all the greatest book-to-movie translations I had seen, a few of them were pretty decent, imo. Show of hands, who's seen the last movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II?

      All-in-all, it was a decent flick. I can understand some of the liberties they took, i.e. making the final battle with Voldemort longer and more drawn out instead of the way Rowling wrote it in the book: Hey, Harry's alive; look Neville killed the snake; guess what? I'm the true master of the Elder Wand; wand clash: dead. They pretty much did the same thing, only Harry did a lot more running around from Voldy and kids did a lot of running from snakey. But it was decent I thought. Fairly close to the book, but I'm sure there are those who nerd raged about little things, like the centaurs not being in the final fight, etc. But I thought it was acceptable. Well, now I think I'll end this and just jump to the SotD.

Song of the Day!! (Fanfare here.)
    Today's song is Beethoven's 5th as performed by Steve Vai. Allright, #1, Steve is an amazing guitarist, period. He's great at simply wildly shredding on the guitar or all your technical mumbo jumbo. And his pieces are all pretty interesting. I've got way too much Steve Vai for my own good. But this one is pretty much Beethoven's 5th symphony re-imagined on an electric guitar, and I think he's done a great job of it. But I just like the 5th anyway, so I may be a little biased, idk.  So here, for your listening pleasure, is Beethoven's 5th by Steve Vai.
*NOTE: This is not an official music video. Just a collection of pictures with the music in the background. You don't have to watch, but you do have to listen.  Enlighten yourself.*

Monday, August 1, 2011

Goldeneye 007 Revamp? Hit or Miss?

     So I recently started playing Goldeneye 007, the Wii edition. Now, going into this, I must say, I'm a little apprehensive. The original Goldeneye for the N64, was awesome wrapped into a neat little package. Sure, it had its glitches and flaws, but really, what game doesn't? What it did was it made up for whatever flaws it had, ten-fold. 
     The story was great. Sure, it was based off a movie, but how many games nowadays do you actually like to play that are based off of movies? Oh, I'm sure there are a few out there that ppl geek out over, PotC or Harry Potter, but seriously, how good are those games in relation to the movie? In my opinion, not so much. I think this is probably the #1 movie based game that I know of. Feel free to insert your own opinions. 
     The soundtrack was awesome. How many people know the stereotypical Bond theme? A lot. But think of all the other pieces of music you can remember from this game. I don't know about you, but this game had some of the most memorable music for me. Next to Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, or Final Fantasy. Granted, those three have the most memorable soundtracks known to man in my opinion, but I really think Goldeneye ranks at least in the top 10. 
    Gameplay was phenomenal. If you didn't love the campaign (which you should), you must've loved the multiplayer. 4-player split screen, with a great character base to pick from, and a huge variety of weapons made this a must have for parties back in the day. Well... parties for us nerds. Haha. Show of hands, who loved playing Proxy Mines in The Caves level? Never knowing where to step next, and when you misstepped, it triggered an explosion that made everyone's screen shake from just how many mines you blew up. Classic.
     So how does the remake match up?!?  Mind you, I've only played the first level so far, and I will submit a final review after I finish it (which could take a while). BUT, so far, it's not bad. It's not up to legendary status for sure, but it's not bad. They changed the soundtrack on me, and I was gettin hyped for the music that I remembered. Obviously updated the graphics, as well as the story. Bruce Feirstein originally wrote Goldeneye, so it would be natural that he wrote this remastered version, so story-wise, it's not too far off the original. Also, a big notable difference, they changed Bond. In the original, he was played by Pierce Brosnan (pictured below) at the time.
     Now, they've updated it to match with the current 007, Daniel Craig (pictured below).

     Personally, I don't really care. I've accepted that Sean Connery can't be Bond forever, though I like him the best. I will say, Daniel isn't a bad Bond. Yell at me all you want, I don't care. Yes, I've heard he's gay, but he can also act, so I don't really care what he does off-screen.
     I'm getting distracted now... But, the game does look nice. I'm anxiously awaiting the re-revamp that's coming to the PS3 and Xbox360, so I better have my 360 back by then. It will feature an HD graphic bump (obviously, because it's going onto consoles with better graphics capabilities), an achievement/trophy list, and also motion sensing capabilities for those who like the PS Move or whatever that is. I haven't really gotten into the motion catching craze beyond playing the Wii, so followers should let me know how they like it.

Wow... this has dragged on... let's get right to it then.

Time For the SotD!
     Hope you all don't mind if I force a song on you today instead of being random. You don't really have a choice, so here goes. Today's is Buried Alive by Avenged Sevenfold off the album, Nightmare. Say all you want about this band, this album, or whatever, I'll defend this band to the grave.  Now, this particular album is very split, almost perfectly even, between heavy songs and soft songs. This one is a balance. It starts out slow and with a guitar riff that I find addictive, and slowly builds to the chorus which is a moderate kick in the teeth. Nothing too rough. Then it slows back down. Builds up to the chorus again, and hits you once more. Then they shift gears, take a bridge, then a guitar solo, then they really starting bustin your chops. Love the lyrics to this song, love the sound, the beat... everything. This is in my top 10 favorite songs I think. I have probably 50 songs in my top 10, but that's besides the point. Enjoy this piece that would go on my mix tape of hits for this band. Crank up the volume, sit back, relax, and let me know how that goes down.  

Note: This isn't the official music video (should be obvious), its just some video someone put together and even added lyrics for you. How nice.