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Friday, April 27, 2012

Skyrim DLC and Six

     Ok, going full-on nerd on you today. So, recently, I've been seeing rumors of Skyrim's dlc coming relatively soon, as in a week or two. Evidently, with the new patch that's been released, some files in it are throwing up red flags to the people paying attention, alluding to interactions with at least one snow elf. Which if you're not sure what snow elves are, they are usually referred to on the loading screen whenever you enter a building/city or fast travel or anything that makes this screen comes up:

     That little screenshot there tells a very quick summary of who the Snow Elves are and how they relate to the Falmer. Well, in fact, they ARE Falmer, having been drove underground by the Nords and became evil and sightless creatures. Evidently, the Snow Elves aren't entirely extinct, as we are piecing together from these patch files. One of them is even titled "Snow Elf Prince Dialogue". Yeah. The Prince of the Snow Elves. Verrry interesting...
     One other little tidbit of information in the patch files hints at a new weapon explorers can use: the crossbow. It should be interesting to see how it functions, and how powerful it may or may not be. For the rangers (like myself) it may prove to be quite an asset.
     No specific details yet as to when this patch will be released, but word is expected as soon as this coming week. So, it should be relatively soon. Here's hoping.

Now for the SOTD, because it just wouldn't be a day without it.

Hmmm... I just don't know what to choose... Ahh, time for something a little heavy, ppl. This, my friends, is one of my favorite bands, and they definitely know how to rock your face off. This, is All That Remains with probably one of my favorite songs by them: Six. I first heard this song on GH2, but have since obtained all their albums and truly enjoy listening to all the cds. Six is not just mindless screaming and smashing drums and flailing guitars. It's loud, yes, it's very intense, but its also very technical. The lyrics are also very deep. Here's the video for you guys, it even has lyrics so you can understand it all. Enjoy!

*~*Note*~* There is evidently much confusion on what the lyrics actually say in this song, but according to the pamphlet that came with the cd, its "the anger writhes in my soul," not "burns". Just wanted to throw that out there.

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