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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living Things and SOTD

     Ok, in keeping with my goal to keep up on this, I'm gonna do some music news today, specifically, a bit that I've been keeping my eye on for a while. This band has come a long way. They debuted their first album in 2000, and they got instant radio success and started selling out concerts worldwide. Their first album was also  certified Diamond in 2005 by the RIAA and multi-platinum across the rest of the world. They've been consistently putting out new albums every 2 years or so, each time tweaking their music a bit, their 4th studio album being the most radically different from all the others. Winning a total of 41 music awards, Linkin Park has been subject of much debate amongst fans and haters alike. Their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora were arguably two of their best albums, and featured the nu-metal, rap metal, and alt. metal genres. Their third album (not counting Reanimation or Collision Course), Minutes to Midnight, explored other genres, while keeping just enough rap metal and nu-metal to keep their fan base happy. Their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns was probably the most controversial to the fans, many people complaining that there wasn't any guitar or "real" instruments in any of the songs, and most of the lyrics dealt mostly with political issues.
      If you haven't yet guess where this is going, or haven't heard the news, Linkin Park is close to putting out their 5th studio album, Living Things. In an interview, lead singer Chester Bennington said that they were returning to familiar ground in this album and were quoted as saying "with this album, we've incorporated a lot of guitar work with big choruses and the heavier electronic stuff to give it that really big wall of sound feeling without getting too metal. This will be more familiar to people than 'A Thousand Suns' was, where we were like 'Fuck it, we're just going to go bonkers.'" So that should give some fans some hope. I know I'm kind of excited. They're also trying to avoid writing political lyrics, saying that they are writing a lot about relationships. Release date for Living Things is slated for June 26, just over a month away. I'm not really worried about it selling out, so I won't pre-order it, I think if it becomes popular, it will after its gotten more word of mouth around. I know I'll pick it up and share my thoughts of it with you, my sparse crew of readers. Mostly, cuz writing is a good outlet.
     So, in keeping with this post's theme, the SOTD will be a song by Linkin Park. Only, it won't be anything off of any of their previous albums. That's right, like it or not, the song of the day is Burn It Down, their recent single and a track off the new album, Living Things. Enjoy, cuz its really not too bad.

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