4/25/12 -- Well I neglected my page for a while. Hopefully I can keep up on it this time, while business is relatively slow at work. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sooo.... I like to hunt achievements. A game isn't completed to me until I have every last achievement. Maybe its a slight case of OCD, but there you have it. So I pop in Rock Band 2 this afternoon, with the one achievement left, and easy enough to obtain: Finish the Impossible Vocal Challenge. Fine. No biggie. Power button.


                                     .....Red Ring of Death....


So, in very related news, I was productive for the first time in almost a month. Now before you get all judgemental about how messy my place must be, its really not. My fiancee is out of town for the summer, so I don't need to cook/provide for anyone but myself, so 90 perce--- aww who am I kidding? 99.5% of dinner goes on paper plates, and isn't cooked, but ordered. I mean, I cook 45+ hrs a week! Why would I want to come home and cook MORE if it's just me waitin for food???  So anyway, did some dishes, did some laundry, and started generally cleaning before I have to go to work.... and.... clean.... Awww crap!! Oh well, at least there's a noticeable difference in my kitchen and bedroom. 

Time for a segment I call:
What's Playing in the Background? (it's a work in progress...)

This is where I hit shuffle in my Media Player and share with you my sometimes pathetic taste in music, lol.
...Ooh! Today, its Money by Mindless Self Indulgence off the album, If

First off, I like this band. Some ppl may disagree, saying MSI is vulgar (which is true), or that you can't understand half of their lyrics (also true), etc. But that's what I like about them I think. They have an uncanny ability to make music about nearly any topic under the sun (listen to Two Hookers and an Eight Ball).  Secondly, I like this album. If is quite possibly my favorite album by MSI, and I like more than 75% of the songs on it. But I haven't listened to any of the albums after this one. This song may not have any meaning other than the fact that he thinks he's so money and he'll conform and play ball to make sure he gets what he wants. Other than that. Random at its best I think. Disagree? Let me know.

Well, I'm signin off for the time being. Work and whatnot. Lemme know how this all sits on your palette so far. 


  1. yeah. they're pretty good.
    so's hookers and 8balls. lol

  2. MSI is pretty good, long time I don't hear anything from them tho.